3 Day - Juice Cleanse

3 Day - Juice Cleanse

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Enjoy our 3-day juice cleanse bundle with your flavor choices of cold pressed seeded watermelon, cold pressed electric green and 7 berry Soursop. 

We recommend you drinking one of these half gallons a day with your addition of herbs, teas, sea moss and raw fruits/veggies for best results.

Cold-Pressed Seeded Watermelon Ingredients:

- Seeded Watermelon

- Sea Moss

- Coconut Water 

- Key Lime


Cold-Pressed Electric Green Ingredients:

- Honeydew Melon

- Cucumbers

- Sea Moss

- Coconut Water 

- Key Lime


7 Berry Soursop Ingredients:

- Soursop Leaves

- Schisandra Berry

- Hawthorn Berry

- Rosehip Berry

- Juniper Berry

- Elderberry

- Goji Berry

- Bilberry

- Spring Water

- Sea Moss


Benefits of Seamoss:

  • Purifies blood
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Reduces blood pressure levels
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair, and nail growth
  • Breaks down mucus from upper respiratory system
  • Contains 92 out of 102 minerals that body needs daily
  • Increases urine flow & proper regulation of bowel movements

Keep in mind: WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS; therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. We are nutritional consultants and make suggestions relating to nutrition. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you.