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Crafted from the beautiful islands of St. Lucia!

Gumbo is fire! Muffin & cookies are great quality. Pasta is great with zucchini crumbles & stuffed peppers are the best when stuffedwith wild rice!


Wooow the meals and sea moss drinks was to live for, I’m so excited to reorder other meals and of course more of the sea moss. I loved everything about this the packing and most Definitely the taste.

Stephanie Rogers

Sea Moss Sunrise Smoothie was GREAT ! The touch of Seamoss was perfect thanks !

G. Lawson

Great customer service and even better food! Highly recommend

Courtney Mayfield

It was amazing, I loved everything and so did my fiance.


The meals are bomb so far. I’ve been having the breakfast as a snack and the lunch portion along with 2 shakes a day (sometimes one if I’m not hungry). LOVED the gumbo and the pizza was cool. Haven’t tried the tacos yet but I can’t wait!